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The Alberta Eviction Guide

July 30th, 2016 · Alberta Evictions, Alberta Landlords Association

 Alberta Evictions

How Can You Evict Your Tenant In Alberta? Learn the Steps You Need To Take!

It’s a question landlords don’t like to think about: How can you evict a tenant in Alberta?

Let’s face, we don’t like to think about it because we hope to avoid ever having to do it. For many of us the very idea of having to evict one of our tenants sounds complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

However we have to realize there are bad tenants who take advantage of landlords out there. They don’t pay rent and can do thousands of dollars in damages to your Alberta rental property. Take a look at this story about tenants who trashed an rental property in Airdrie.

Landlords want to rent to good, qualified tenants. Successful landlords take tenant screening very seriously. This includes carefully confirming identity, previous addresses, employment, and making sure to run a credit check.

In most cases careful tenant screening leads to renting to excellent tenants.

Except sometimes people fall through the cracks. Or you decided to go on a good ‘gut feeling’ and rented to a person you thought was a nice guy.

So here’s a question. What will you do if your tenants don’t pay rent to you?

Let’s face it, this is one of the biggest worries for landlords.

When the first day of the month comes around, you expect to get paid.

But what can you do if the check your tenant gave you bounces?

Or you go over to the property to pick up the rent and no one answers the door.

You call them on the number you always reach your tenants at..except this time no one answers.

What can you do?

After all, the bank still demands you pay the mortgage, and you have to pay your property taxes, insurance and other costs on time.

You need your tenants to pay rent or it can become a serious financial problem for you.

Let’s keep going with other scenarios.

What can you do if your tenants damaged the property or aren’t following the lease? You agreed on no pets and no smoking…then you find out they have pets and are smoking like chimneys inside.

What can you do if you or another tenant in the unit is threatened or there are large damages to your rental property? The other tenants are demanding you “do something.”

Evicting a tenant is a time-consuming process. It can also be expensive.

Many landlords also find it stressful. When you have a tenant who owes rent, have made damages, or has broken your lease agreement with you it’s unfair and can lead to financial losses.

Always remember your rental business is a business and when you run a business challenges can pop up. When they pop up you have to deal with them in a professional manner.

Alberta Evictions

Our province has experienced a lot of net migration from people from across Canada and the world who come to Alberta for jobs.

But what happens when you rent to a tenant who refuses to pay the rent? Or damages your property? Or ignores their responsibilities in the lease agreement?

This is a situation that more and more Alberta landlords are experiencing these days and many are not simply prepared for it.

Successful Alberta landlords are knowledgeable and aware of what it takes to evict a tenant. You are now going to join them.

1. Eviction Notices

These are notices to your tenant to change their behaviour or you will start the eviction process against them.

2. Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service

More and more landlords are going to the RTDRS, also known as ‘The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service’, right at the beginning of the eviction process.

How Can You Evict a Tenant In Alberta?

The good news is the Alberta Landlords Association now offers a premium Alberta Eviction Guide on CD.

The Alberta Eviction Guide will help you understand the eviction process and take you through the steps you need to take to evict your tenants in the most practical and professional way.

Are You Prepared To Evict A Bad Tenant?

Become a member of the Alberta Landlords Association and use the Alberta Eviction Guide to prepare yourself to evict tenants in the most efficient and stress free way possible!

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How Can Alberta Landlords Find Great Tenants in 2015?

January 1st, 2015 · Credit Check, Latest News, tenant screening

 Alberta landlords tenant credit checks

Even with a rocky world economy there is still a more net migration into the province and this adds up to lots of qualified tenants who want to rent from you and your rental property.

With so many good tenants out there it’s important for landlords to take the steps to find them and get them paying rent for your property. Good tenants will not only pay you rent on time, they will respect you and appreciate what it takes to be a residential landlord. This respect and understanding can go a long way to helping you become a successful landlord.

For example, good tenants will do things like:

1. Always Provide The Landlord With Proper Notice When Moving Out

Provide you with proper notice when the want to move out and not leave you hanging.

2. Keep Your Rental Property Tidy When You Are Showing It To Prospective New Tenants

When they do give you notice they will keep the place clean and tidy when you are showing the property to new potential renters.

3. Pay Rent On Time

If ever they need to pay the rent a day or two late they will contact you and make sure you are okay with it and will make it a one off situation.

4. Leave a Clean Rental Property Behind When They Move

When they move they will clean the place to make it as nice as when they moved in.

5. Let Others Know What a Good Landlord You Are

Some good tenants will want to even write a letter telling new tenants what a terrific landlord you are.

6. Understand the Challenges Landlords Face

The respect how expensive contractors are and if they do any minor damages or spills they will do their best to correct them.

Unfortunately there are also a group of bad tenants out there. These tenants are often tricky and are great story tellers. They have experience in tricking people into trusting them. Whether it’s an employer, a landlord or someone else they know what people want to hear and give it to them even it’s not true.

These types tenants can lead to huge financial losses if they don’t pay rent, damage your property, or worse. This is why it’s so important to screen your tenants carefully and run a credit check on tenants who want to rent from you.

Landlord Rents To A Bad Tenant

We received an email from a small business landlord who has rented to a very difficult tenant and it’s driving him up the wall.

“Things keep getting worse. We rented to a single mother and her 13 year old son. When we first met her she looked and acted very professional. She said she used to be in the property management industry and her Mother used to be a landlord so she knew how important it was for tenants to pay on time and take care of the house. Her son was very nice and polite and told us how much he liked the place.”

The landlord goes on:

“Now it’s 3 months later and the situation is a disaster. The past couple months rent has been late and we always get complaints. The place is a huge mess. When I did an inspection there were burn marks on the counter top, big holes in all the walls the closet door in the master bedroom was mirrored and they are cracked, and the carpet is burned. She said she didn’t smoke but she does.

Did this landlord screen the tenant before renting to her?

“She forged her employment letter because she doesn’t work there and her last landlord I called for a reference had the cell phone disconnected”

How I Find a Great Tenant?

Renting to a bad and destructive tenant can be stressful and even lead some landlords to sell and give up on their rental business.

Don’t let a bad tenant ruin your financial future! You only need to take look at what some B.C. landlords who didn’t screen carefully face.

And Ontario landlords are aware that so many bad tenants are out there they always screen carefully.

There are lots of great tenants out there who are happy to come to Alberta for a bright future. They pay the rent on time and will respect you and your rental property.

Tenant Screening and Credit Checks

Make sure you screen your tenants carefully. This means you should always run a tenant credit check.

By running a credit check on your tenant you will see real information about them. You will get a credit score, see real employment, see real past and current addresses.

How Can I Run A Credit Check On My Tenants?

It used to be you would have to pay an annual fee and it was expensive and time-consuming.

Things have changed!

You can now join the Alberta Landlords Association for a low one-time fee and start running premium TVS credit checks for only $10/check.

TVS is leading landlord credit check provider in Canada and their checks are excellent!

Alberta Landlords – Find Great Tenants in 2015!

Make sure you screen your tenants carefully and join the Alberta Landlords Association and begin running TVS credit checks for the member price of only $10/check!

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Alberta Property Management – Should Landlords Give Tenants Gifts For Christmas?

November 27th, 2014 · Alberta Landlords, Property Management

 Alberta Property Management – Should Landlords Give Tenants Gifts For Christmas

Winter has arrived and Alberta landlords are getting ready for it. Of course, one of the best parts of winter is means the holiday season coming.

What does Christmas and the New Year holiday means to you and your landlord business?

There was an interesting post on the Alberta landlord forum recently. In the post a new landlord asked if it’s a good idea to give a Christmas gift to his tenants. She said her tenant were ideal tenants. They paid the rent on time and were genuinely nice people. And they have two kids. She wanted to show her appreciation to the family by sending the children something. She’s a new landlord and asked the advice of others before sending anything.

There were a lot of good replies.

One experienced Edmonton landlord said he gets some cards from his long term tenants and sends his renters a card with small Starbucks gift cards inside. He said this just shows goodwill to his renters and he even sometimes gets gift cards back.

A BC landlord wrote he rents mostly to students. He doesn’t give any gifts because he wouldn’t have any idea what they want but also likes the idea of gift cards. He said students are often on tight budgets and a gift card to restaurant can really add to good feelings from the tenants and they always thank him.

One landlady says giving gifts is a smart business strategy. She said giving gifts makes her look like a nice, good person who cares. And who wants to leave garbage behind when they move out or break stuff and not pay for repairs or rip off such a nice person?

She said giving gifts is a terrific way to humanize the relationship with her tenants so they know their landlord is a human being and not some billiion dollar corporate that can write off losses.

Overall the main points for giving gifts are as follows.

Why Alberta landlords should give gifts to tenants

1. It can create goodwill with your tenants

2. Students on a tight budget really appreciate gift cards

3. It shows you care and creates a bond with tenants

Other landlords disagree.

A Toronto landlord wrote many of their tenants are newcomers to Canada and he worries that sending Christmas gifts might be seen as insensitive because they might not celebrate the holiday.

Another landlord thinks it’s not a good idea to send anything because some tenants are jealous of their landlord and by sending a gift they might think the landlord is making too much money from their rent money. This seems pretty bizarre but experienced landlords have dealt with lots of seemingly crazy issues.

A landlord from Lethbridge said she sees her tenants as simply business partners. She said she gives gifts to her friends and relatives, but not to anyone she has a business relationship with.

Those who don’t give holidays gifts make the following points.

Why Alberta landlords should not give gifts to their tenants

1. Perhaps your tenants don’t celebrate and it can make you look insensitive

2. It can lead to tenants thinking you are wealthy and make them jealous

3. You should keep a strictly business relationship with your tenants

Alberta Landlords Should You Give a Gift To Your Tenants?

It’s up to individual landlords to decide what to do regarding this issue. We tend to like the idea of gift cards for good tenants. It builds a strong relationship and shows your appreciation for good tenants. Of course, not giving gifts is also fine. You can keep things strictly business and have the rent paid on time as usual. It’s helpful for Alberta landlords to have a voice and network and share stories with one another.

What do you think about sending gifts to your renters? Have you done it in the past? How did it work out?

Are you a new landlord thinking of ways to create a strong relationship with your tenants?

You can join the Alberta Landlord Forum and share your experiences.

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Alberta Landlords – Calgary Mayor Nenshi is Wrong, We Don’t Gouge Tenants

October 19th, 2014 · Calgary landlord, Latest News, Nenshi, Rent Control

Alberta landlords Mayor Nenshi landlords gouging

Alberta landlords are unhappy at the words of Calgary Mayor Nenshi who accused landlords of gouging tenants by charging tenants sky-high high rents

The post at the Calgary landlords site regarding the comments last week from Calgary Mayor Nenshi was strong rebuttal to his accusations and a passionate defence of Alberta landlords.

Mayor Nenshi’s comments about Calgary landlords led to landlords across Alberta (and around Canada) to criticize the mayor and call his portrayal of landlords misleading and even harmful for renters.

What Did Calgary Mayor Nenshi Say?

In an interview with CBC news Mayor Naheed Nenshi took aim at gouging landlords. He even said he urged landlord to stop thinking of their rental properties as “a get-rich quick scheme” during the CBC call-in radio show on Thursday.

Despite Calgary’s affordable housing crisis and hot rental market, Nenshi said he is a landlord himself, said he has not increased rent on his tenants in four years and he urged other landlords to follow his landlord lead.

According to Nenshi: “I have a rental property and the rent that I charge is based on the mortgage that I pay, the utility costs, and getting a little bit of a decent return. None of those things have changed,” he said, noting his mortgage and utilities have remained the same.

I have not increased my rent in four years because I don’t need to. I am reaching out to landlords and saying come on, this is not a get-rich quick scheme. Figure out a way that you can continue to provide housing and get a decent return without gouging your tenants. And there’s been way too much of that happening.”

Why Did He Say That About Calgary Landlords?

Calgary has the lowest vacancy rate and among the highest rental costs in the country.

In Alberta there is no limit on how much rents can be hiked, but the province requires three-months notice for a landlord to raise rent and only one increase is allowed in a 12-month period.

How Did Landlords Respond?

According to Globe News Calgary the Alberta Landlords Association didn’t take kindly to Nenshi’s portrayal of landlords.

They claimed running a rental business is just that: running a business. Landlords have the right to follow the market and the laws of Alberta to run their business successfully.

The Alberta Landlords Association said that only four years ago the Alberta economy was struggling and rents were falling and the vacancy rate was rising. Many landlords were put in financially difficult situations and the government didn’t help.

Furthermore, prices for landlords are rising and rents need to be kept up to maintain rental good rentals properties.

As for ‘gouging’ if landlords raise rents too high they simply won’t be able to attract good tenants. And it’s of ultimate important for landlords to rent to good tenants in Alberta these days.

Canadian Landlords Support Alberta Landlords

A BC landlord offered her support by saying if landlords don’t maintain our properties cities are quick to send out bylaw enforcement officers to order us to do so. This means we need to raise rents to cover our expenses.

An Ontario landlord wrote in that maybe the Mayor secretly supports rent control.

One Edmonton landlord said he doubts the Mayor owns a rental of his own as he says, and if he does his high government salary makes him immune from the costs of having a vacancy or a tenant making damages to the property.

Alberta Landlords and Rents

What do you think about raising prices and the Mayor’s comments on landlords? Politicians scape-goating small landlords is becoming common these days and it’s important landlords have a voice to fight back and raise their own arguments.

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Alberta Landlords – How To Rent to Out of Province Renters?

October 6th, 2014 · Credit Check, Latest News, tenant screening

 Alberta landlords tenant screening credit check

Alberta Landlords How Can You Rent to Good Tenants From Other Provinces? Running TVS Credit Checks For Only $10 Makes It Easy!

With the economy booming, Alberta landlords often have potential tenants from other provinces wanting to rent from us.

After all, Alberta has so many opportunities for people who want to work hard and it’s why people from across Canada and around the world want to come here. And when they come here they usually will rent for at least a few years before buying their own house.

Alberta landlords know the importance of tenant screening, including credit checks, to make sure you rent to good tenants.

Many landlords here have people from other provinces wanting to rent their income property or basement.

Many times these potential renters from other provinces don’t have any references in our area and it’s difficult for Alberta landlords to make a decision on whether or not to rent to them.

Alberta Landlords Forum Question

At the Alberta Landlords Forum from an Edmonton Landlord asked how to screen tenants from Ontario who want to rent her apartment.

“I have two people who have moved here from Ontario and want to rent from me.

They are young guys and I was impressed about their goals for the future and how happy they are to come to Alberta where they want to stay.

I asked them about their previous landlord and they said their Ontario landlord in Sault. St. Marie was horrible and they can’t give a reference. How can I know if they are telling the truth or not?

An Experienced Alberta Landlord Replied:

“Don’t Believe a word they say…run a credit check to verify their story”

The landlord then linked to a great story of a landlord who trust her “gut feelings” and ended up losing thousands of dollars in rent and huge stress and frustration. Ontario landlords know how tricky bad tenants can be.

Tenant Screening and Credit Checks

There are a lot of terrific tenants out there and they want to rent from a good landlord like you.

So how can you find them (and avoid the pro tenants out there who won’t pay rent, will damage the property, want to set up a marijuana grow-op, etc.)?

Running Credit Checks on Tenants

The best way to screen your tenant to make sure they are suitable for your rental property is by running a credit check.

A credit check will go beyond ‘talk’ and ‘stories’ and tell you the cold, hard truth about a tenant.

For example, you can run a TVS credit check with the Alberta Landlords Association for only $10/check and you will get the following information:

1. Credit Score

A score is cold hard proof the person who wants to rent from you pays their bills on time.

Also, a high credit score is important for them in the future to get a mortgage to buy their own home.

Tenants with high credit scores don’t want to risk losing their high score!

2. Past Addresses

You get to see real past addresses. You can then contact the owners of the past addresses to ask them how these applicants were as tenants.

This is especially important because bad tenants are known to give fake past addresses and even give you telephone numbers of ‘friends’ who will act as former landlords!

3. Employment

You get to see where the potential tenants work and where they worked before. You can then make sure you to call real employers and not fake employers.

4. Collection Agencies

You get to see if any collection agencies are trying to get owed money from them. If you see a collection agency it means the tenants owe people money.

5. Tenant Recommendation

A TVS credit check will even give you a recommendation on whether you should rent to the tenants or not. If you get an “A” score it means you have a financially responsible tenant!

Alberta Landlords Association

Alberta landlords can join the Alberta Landlords Association for a low one-time fee and start running premium TVS credit checks for only $10/check! (Less than half the normal price!)

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Is Investing $10 Worth It To Find A Great Tenant And Avoid the Pros? (Yes!)

September 1st, 2014 · Alberta Landlords Association, Equifax, Latest News, Tenant credit checks, TVS

 Good Credit Score

Alberta Landlords – Make Sure Your Run TVS or Equifax Credit Checks on Your Tenants Before Handing Over the Keys!

Alberta real estate keeps on rolling along and Alberta Landlords and investors are seeing price appreciation for their investment rental properties.

We continue to see terrific job growth and more net migration. People from other provinces in Canada are coming here to find jobs. And people from around the world are making Alberta the place they want to call home.

Good News For Alberta Landlords

Everyone likes cash-flow, and we recommend it. But let’s face it. Huge cash-flowing properties can be hard to find.

Property investors can also make money based on appreciation.

Investment Property Appreciation

Experienced landlords know that with prices rising each year tenants in your property can act as a sort of baby-sitter.

Here’s how it works.

1. Good Landlord Offers A Nice Property For Rent

You are the property owner and you want to rent to good tenants.

Your property is safe and attractive and you offer it for rent at an affordable price.

It’s a great deal and you are waiting for a good tenant to rent from you.

2. Good Tenants Want to Rent a Nice Property from a Good Landlord

You are looking to rent a great rental property.

You want the property to be well maintained and affordable. You also hope to rent from a good landlord who knows the law and if it’s a duplex you want them to make sure they are careful who they rent to.

Bad Tenants Ruin Everything

It makes so much sense right? Good landlords renting to good tenants. It’s a win-win situation.

Except when you rent to bad tenants. And they are out there. Tenants from Hell are no longer only what Ontario landlords have to face.

There are a growing number of stories about BC landlords facing problems and they are coming to Alberta as well.

Bad tenants don’t want a win-win situation with their landlord

What they want is to win and their landlord to lose. They view the landlord as a problem and paying rent as an unnecessary expense.

Tenant Credit Checks

The Alberta Landlords Association offers premium credit checks for Alberta landlords for a low member price of only $10/check.

Tenant Verification Services (TVS) Review

We have a new Alberta Landlords Association member who wrote to us:

“I recommend TVS for landlord and tenant credit checks! I got set up in less than an hour and started running checks on people who wanted to rent my investment property.

The TVS team is professional and amazing and helped me get set up fast.

Now I can run tenant credit checks on my computer and get the checks in less than 1 minute.

This is a landlords best friend and thank you to the Alberta Landlords Association for introducing me to this and giving me a great ALA member price!!”

Join the Alberta Landlords Association

Unlike other associations you can join the Alberta Landlords Association for only a low one time registration fee.

It’s a deal that can’t be beat!

Get access to the Private Members forum where successful landlords all over Canada chat, the Alberta landlord rental kit, and premium TVS credit checks for the low member price.

All for a one time set up fee! No annual fee! It’s truly an amazing deal to help Alberta landlords succeed!

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Alberta Landlords – Get the Alberta Rental Kit! Get Leases, Applications, Notices for Your Rental Property

August 1st, 2014 · Alberta lease, Rental Kit, Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

 Alberta Landlords – Get the Alberta Rental Kit! Get Leases, Applications, Notices for Your Rental Property

Alberta Landlords – Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association and Get the Alberta Rental Kit And Use Premium Leases, Applications and Forms

Alberta landlords know the importance of tenant screening. Do you also know the importance of using a good lease, applications and notices after you rent to tenants?

This is important because good tenants like to rent to professional landlords.

While there are lots of good tenants out there Alberta landlords know there are also tenants who you should not rent to because they will not respect you or your rental property.

And a key indicator for good tenants is if the landlords know the rules and laws and uses proper documents such as a professional application form, a great lease, and proper notices.

Be A Professional Landlord and Impress Good Tenants

Using professional documents will not only impress tenants and lead to them trusting you and your professionalism. It will also protect you if there are any problems down the road.

According to the Calgary Herald 5% of all small claims court cases deal with landlord and tenant disputes. That’s thousands of cases a year!

This is one of the reasons why the government is moving all landlord and tenant disputes to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

If you do end up at the you will need to prove your case and a good document is key to winning your case.

Use Proper Documents and Protect Yourself and Your Rental Business

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association for a low one-time registration fee.

You not only get to network with thousands of other landlords across Alberta and across Canada, you get premium credit checks for only $10 per check.

And no annual fee!

It’s a savings of over $11/check so you make your registration fee back for only nine credit checks.

It’s an amazing deal for landlords! Especially since landlords across Canada are waking up to the importance of tenant credit checks.

For example, BC landlords are running checks to avoid tenants who tell a great story then move in and don’t pay a cent of rent

Meanwhile, Ontario landlords regularly face “Tenants From Hell” who use the system to avoid eviction for months on end!

You also get access to the Alberta landlord Rental Kit full of professional documents you can download 24/7.

No need to photocopy or worry you spill some coffee on the ‘master copy’ because you can download the documents whenever you want to. It’s you own “on-line rental document library”.

Alberta Landlord Rental Kit!

As part of your own “on-line library” documents include:

1. Application to Rent

2. Lease

3. Pet Rules

4. Notice of Repairs

5. Room Rental Agreement

6. Sub-tenancy Agreement

7. Notice of Entry

8. Credit Check Request Form

9. Rental Property Condition Report

10. Garage lease

11. Extend/Renew Lease Form

12. Moving Out Guidelines for Tenants

And more!

Alberta Landlords Get the Rental Kit

Join the Alberta Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee and get premium credit checks and the Alberta Landlord Rental Kit full of all the documents you need to succeed.

Yes, that’s right, there is only a one time registration fee (no annual fees) and you get the Alberta Rental Kit and Premium credit checks for only $10/check!

Become a professional landlord and make sure you rent to great tenants!

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Alberta Landlord Credit Check – How Can Landlords Choose Good Renters?

June 6th, 2014 · Alberta Landlords, Alberta Landlords Association, Credit Check

 Alberta landlords credit check good tenants

With so many people coming to Alberta to work and rent how can you make sure you choose good tenants?

According to report by Global news migration to Alberta is exploding.

Lots of people are coming to our province to find good jobs. They also want to develop roots here for their families.

Why Is This Good News?

Alberta landlords know that a larger pool of good tenants in our province is good news.

You see, in the beginning, most of these newcomers will rent a house or apartment for at least a few years while they establish themselves and save up for a down-payment to buy their own house or condo.

How Do I Know If They Are Good Tenants Or Not?

One of the key things about people who are hard-working and responsible is they don’t usually want to rent forever.

1. Tenants will rent while they save up money for a down payment for their own property purchase

2. Tenants while they build up experience and job security

3. Tenants will rent while they get to know the area and decide if they want to buy a house in Calgary,  Edmonton or somewhere else.

4. Tenants start families and see where good schools are.

5. Tenants need a high credit score to get a mortgage to buy a property.

This last point is very important.

Why Is Tenants Needing A High Credit Score for a Mortgage Important for Alberta Landlords?

This is key for landlords.

Twenty years ago (maybe even ten years ago) you could rent out to someone based on judging their character.

It was easier to trust people and believe they would stand behind what they said.

Nowadays things are very different, especially for small landlords.

You need to verify what people say and make sure it’s true. If you don’t you might end up with a rental house that has been destroyed that ends up costing the landlord over $100,000 and makes you sell your rental property!

Always Do a Credit Check On Your Renters


A credit check will prove current and past addresses, employment and a lot more.

It will also show you a credit score.

Explain To Me Again Why a Tenant Credit Score is Important?

Remember we wrote about tenants wanting to buy their own homes.

They will need a high credit score to get a mortgage for their own home.

If they don’t pay rent to you, well then you can destroy their credit score. You can report them and their score will go down and they won’t be able to get a mortgage.

I know it sounds harsh, but this can be a harsh industry.

And if tenants pay the rent on time and don’t leave owing the landlord any money it can actually help improve their score and help them buy their own house a few years later on.

What Happens If I Don’t Do Tenant Credit Checks?

Then it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Take a look at what happened to this Calgary landlord.

Now BC landlords are doing credit checks because of some serial bad tenants who love ripping off landlords.

British Columbia even has a new site called BC Landlord Credit Check to help BC landlords avoid pro tenants.

How Can Alberta Landlords Run Tenant Credit Checks?

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association.

They only charge a one time registration fee … no annual fee like the Calgary and Edmonton local groups charge!

You can start doing Equifax credit checks with TVS in a matter of minutes for only $10 per check!

Credit Checks Are Key to Rent To Good Tenants

Check out the Alberta Landlord Credit Check site for more information on how credit checks can help you choose good renters.

Smart Alberta landlords are making tenant credit checks part of their screening process.

Invest $10 (yes, that’s the cost of a tenant credit check) and make sure you rent to great tenants!

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How Does A Landlord Do A Credit Check on a New Tenant?

April 4th, 2014 · Alberta landlord, Landlord Credit Check

 Landlord how do I do a credit check on a new tenant

A New Edmonton Landlord Asks For Advice on Conducting Credit Checks on Her New Tenants

Experienced Alberta landlords know the important of screening tenants carefully.

Renting to good tenants is one of most important factors to being a successful landlord.

Good tenants pay rent on time, follow the law, and appreciate you and your rental property.

Good tenants want to have a strong respectful relationship with their landlord and they take care of the rental property.

Successful landlords know choosing good tenants is essential for a profitable landlord business.

And with our economy doing well and our Alberta vacancy rate the lowest in Canada, there are a lot of good tenants around who want to rent from you.

New Landlords And Tenant Screening

Sometimes new landlords aren’t aware of this important step. 

They rent to the first tenants they meet.

Or they rent to tenants who make ‘promises’ without making sure the tenants have a history of fulfilling their obligations as a renter.

Some common thoughts by new landlords include:

“What can go wrong?”

“After all, I’m just renting out a house.”

“I used to rent and I never caused any problems for my landlord.”

“I don’t want to invade my tenants privacy.”

“They just seemed so nice”

“They said their last landlord was nasty and I see nothing wrong in giving these great people a break.”

What Can Go Wrong?

This is why new landlords need to learn what can happen if you don’t screen carefully to find some of the great renters out there and avoid those who will harm your rental business.

Alberta landlord success how to do credit check

Renters like the people this Fort McMurray landlord rented too.

Her landlord story was in Fort McMurray Today.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Screen Your Tenants Carefully (Don’t Let This Happen To You!)

She rented her basement to a family who she found ‘nice’ and ‘sweet.’

Not long after her landlord nightmare began. 

After smelling something coming from the basement rental unit she went downstairs.

She opened the door and was shocked:

1.  An overwhelming smell of urine

2.  Garbage all over the stairs and in the basement

3.  Old food all over the place

4.  Used tampons and Q tips left everywhere

5.  The toilet hadn’t been flushed for a week

After the tenants were finally evicted, the landlord found herself with paying over $20,000 to repair the basement rental property!

Smart Landlords Screen Tenants Carefully

Whether you are a new landlord or experienced, own rentals in Fort McMurray or are a Calgary landlord, be cautious.

This is a wake up call for all landlords to realize that ‘bad tenants’ aren’t only being dealt with by Ontario landlords or BC landlords these days.

A New Landlord Emails In

We are very happy to receive an email from a new Edmonton landlord asking us how a landlord can do tenant credit checks.

The good news it’s never been easier or more affordable.

Alberta Landlords and Tenant Credit Checks

Check out the Alberta Landlords Association for credit checks (and other terrific services!)

For only a low one time membership landlords with rentals anywhere in Alberta can now use TVS for excellent credit checks at outstanding prices! 

With a toll-free number for members you get set up fast and for only $10/check it’s the most affordable way out there to screen your tenants and make your rental business become a success. 

If you want to become a success Alberta landlord make sure TVS tenant credit checks are part of your tenant screening process.

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Help for Landlords: Alberta Landlords Association Review

March 15th, 2014 · Alberta Landlords Association Review, Landlord Association, Landlord Credit Checks, REIN

 Alberta landlords association review

How Can You Find Great Tenants and Make Money With Rental Properties?

It’s great to be a landlord in Alberta right now.

The economy is good with Alberta leading the way is the rise of housing price growth according to

We have lots of people looking to come to our province to find jobs and start families.

These newcomers appreciate our way of life and our way of doing business.  

And they need a good place to rent while they save up for their own homes.

And who wouldn’t want to move to a province with so many places on the Moneysense best cities list.

A warm congratulations to the fine folks at the Moneysense Best Places to Live list for 2014

The Number One City in Canada is St. Albert, Alberta!

And another top finisher (Calgary landlords know which city we’re talking about!)

This means a lot of great tenants are out there and they are looking for great landlords.

They are looking to rent your property and pay you rent each month while also respecting you and your property.

Sounds good and it is!

Swimming with all these good tenants are some sharks.

This is the minority for sure.

However, these professional tenants do exist and are coming to our province.

These are the type of tenants you don’t want to rent to.

They will give you sleepless nights and might even end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

(We also know a marriage or two that went to divorce with the stress of renting these pro tenant game players).

How Can I Avoid Professional Tenants And Make Sure I Rent to Good Tenants?

First of all you need to treat your rental property business like a real business and not a hobby.

That means some hard work in learning the rules, learning the game, and using the right tools and services.

One of the fastest ways to ‘learn the ropes’ and get on the path to finding great tenants and making money is by joining a landlord association.

Review of the Alberta Landlords Association

There are some older landlord associations around Alberta. 

They’ve been around for years.

The problem is they do a good job in representing the large corporate landlords and not small landlords.

And they haven’t adapted to the way the residential rental market works in 2014.

And they don’t offer the best help for small landlords at the best membership fee.

For example the Calgary Residential Landlord Association is great for corporate landlords.

They ‘sound good’ because the and have been around but they are not the best option for small Alberta landlords who are often struggling and don’t make so much cash-flow! 

Groups like REIN are great to motivate you but don’t provide realistic advice for small landlords who manage their own properties.

Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association

Membership in the ALA is designed to help small Alberta landlords Succeed!

It’s important for landlords to give their opinions on all sorts of things important for landlords.

For example, here is a Review of the BC Landlords Association and Toronto Landlords have a Review of the Ontario Landlords Association.

Let’s take a quick look what you get to for Alberta Landlords and how the ALA helps you and your rental business

Here we go.

Remember this is just a short overview .

1.  The Membership Fee is a One-Time, Not an Annual Fee

Small landlords are on a budget.  We can’t afford to keep paying, paying, and paying every year.

For only $99 you become a member of the Alberta Landlords Association! 

You can upgrade for more services but membership always remains a one-time fee. 

It really can’t be beat.

2.  Landlord Credit Checks

As a member of the Alberta Landlords Association you get access to low cost landlord credit checks from Equifax and GARDA.

The GARDA “full-check” for only $14 gives you a complete look at your tenant applicants financial situation.

Remember: if the tenant hasn’t paid others on time or has cheated other creditors they probably will do the same to you.

Take a look at the incredible information provided by the GARDA landlord check click here.

For $14 you can make sure you rent to great tenants and avoid the professionals!

This landlord check is far superior to what is offered by companies such as Rent Check.

3.  Alberta leases, applications and everything you need to protect yourself

It’s all in the Alberta Rental Kit and everything can be downloaded 24/7!

4.  Alberta Landlord Education

You can get guidebooks, manuals on how to screen tenants, advertise your properties

5.  Members forum and CD’s to Make You a “Pro Landlord”

Jump years ahead of where you are now on the power of knowledge.

Alberta Landlords Association Review

Now it a great time to be an Alberta Landlord.

Make sure you find great tenants by joining a landlord association that is designed for small landlords and provides exactly the tools small landlords need.

And make sure they offer these tools and great services for a one-time fee.

Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association today and today and find great tenants!

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