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Help for Landlords: Alberta Landlords Association Review

March 15th, 2014 · No Comments · Alberta Landlords Association Review, Landlord Association, Landlord Credit Checks, REIN

 Alberta landlords association review

How Can You Find Great Tenants and Make Money With Rental Properties?

It’s great to be a landlord in Alberta right now.

The economy is good with Alberta leading the way is the rise of housing price growth according to

We have lots of people looking to come to our province to find jobs and start families.

These newcomers appreciate our way of life and our way of doing business.  

And they need a good place to rent while they save up for their own homes.

And who wouldn’t want to move to a province with so many places on the Moneysense best cities list.

A warm congratulations to the fine folks at the Moneysense Best Places to Live list for 2014

The Number One City in Canada is St. Albert, Alberta!

And another top finisher (Calgary landlords know which city we’re talking about!)

This means a lot of great tenants are out there and they are looking for great landlords.

They are looking to rent your property and pay you rent each month while also respecting you and your property.

Sounds good and it is!

Swimming with all these good tenants are some sharks.

This is the minority for sure.

However, these professional tenants do exist and are coming to our province.

These are the type of tenants you don’t want to rent to.

They will give you sleepless nights and might even end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

(We also know a marriage or two that went to divorce with the stress of renting these pro tenant game players).

How Can I Avoid Professional Tenants And Make Sure I Rent to Good Tenants?

First of all you need to treat your rental property business like a real business and not a hobby.

That means some hard work in learning the rules, learning the game, and using the right tools and services.

One of the fastest ways to ‘learn the ropes’ and get on the path to finding great tenants and making money is by joining a landlord association.

Review of the Alberta Landlords Association

There are some older landlord associations around Alberta. 

They’ve been around for years.

The problem is they do a good job in representing the large corporate landlords and not small landlords.

And they haven’t adapted to the way the residential rental market works in 2014.

And they don’t offer the best help for small landlords at the best membership fee.

For example the Calgary Residential Landlord Association is great for corporate landlords.

They ‘sound good’ because the and have been around but they are not the best option for small Alberta landlords who are often struggling and don’t make so much cash-flow! 

Groups like REIN are great to motivate you but don’t provide realistic advice for small landlords who manage their own properties.

Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association

Membership in the ALA is designed to help small Alberta landlords Succeed!

It’s important for landlords to give their opinions on all sorts of things important for landlords.

For example, here is a Review of the BC Landlords Association and Toronto Landlords have a Review of the Ontario Landlords Association.

Let’s take a quick look what you get to for Alberta Landlords and how the ALA helps you and your rental business

Here we go.

Remember this is just a short overview .

1.  The Membership Fee is a One-Time, Not an Annual Fee

Small landlords are on a budget.  We can’t afford to keep paying, paying, and paying every year.

For only $99 you become a member of the Alberta Landlords Association! 

You can upgrade for more services but membership always remains a one-time fee. 

It really can’t be beat.

2.  Landlord Credit Checks

As a member of the Alberta Landlords Association you get access to low cost landlord credit checks from Equifax and GARDA.

The GARDA “full-check” for only $14 gives you a complete look at your tenant applicants financial situation.

Remember: if the tenant hasn’t paid others on time or has cheated other creditors they probably will do the same to you.

Take a look at the incredible information provided by the GARDA landlord check click here.

For $14 you can make sure you rent to great tenants and avoid the professionals!

This landlord check is far superior to what is offered by companies such as Rent Check.

3.  Alberta leases, applications and everything you need to protect yourself

It’s all in the Alberta Rental Kit and everything can be downloaded 24/7!

4.  Alberta Landlord Education

You can get guidebooks, manuals on how to screen tenants, advertise your properties

5.  Members forum and CD’s to Make You a “Pro Landlord”

Jump years ahead of where you are now on the power of knowledge.

Alberta Landlords Association Review

Now it a great time to be an Alberta Landlord.

Make sure you find great tenants by joining a landlord association that is designed for small landlords and provides exactly the tools small landlords need.

And make sure they offer these tools and great services for a one-time fee.

Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association today and today and find great tenants!

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