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Alberta Landlords – Calgary Mayor Nenshi is Wrong, We Don’t Gouge Tenants

October 19th, 2014 · 1 Comment · Calgary landlord, Latest News, Nenshi, Rent Control

Alberta landlords Mayor Nenshi landlords gouging

Alberta landlords are unhappy at the words of Calgary Mayor Nenshi who accused landlords of gouging tenants by charging tenants sky-high high rents

The post at the Calgary landlords site regarding the comments last week from Calgary Mayor Nenshi was strong rebuttal to his accusations and a passionate defence of Alberta landlords.

Mayor Nenshi’s comments about Calgary landlords led to landlords across Alberta (and around Canada) to criticize the mayor and call his portrayal of landlords misleading and even harmful for renters.

What Did Calgary Mayor Nenshi Say?

In an interview with CBC news Mayor Naheed Nenshi took aim at gouging landlords. He even said he urged landlord to stop thinking of their rental properties as “a get-rich quick scheme” during the CBC call-in radio show on Thursday.

Despite Calgary’s affordable housing crisis and hot rental market, Nenshi said he is a landlord himself, said he has not increased rent on his tenants in four years and he urged other landlords to follow his landlord lead.

According to Nenshi: “I have a rental property and the rent that I charge is based on the mortgage that I pay, the utility costs, and getting a little bit of a decent return. None of those things have changed,” he said, noting his mortgage and utilities have remained the same.

I have not increased my rent in four years because I don’t need to. I am reaching out to landlords and saying come on, this is not a get-rich quick scheme. Figure out a way that you can continue to provide housing and get a decent return without gouging your tenants. And there’s been way too much of that happening.”

Why Did He Say That About Calgary Landlords?

Calgary has the lowest vacancy rate and among the highest rental costs in the country.

In Alberta there is no limit on how much rents can be hiked, but the province requires three-months notice for a landlord to raise rent and only one increase is allowed in a 12-month period.

How Did Landlords Respond?

According to Globe News Calgary the Alberta Landlords Association didn’t take kindly to Nenshi’s portrayal of landlords.

They claimed running a rental business is just that: running a business. Landlords have the right to follow the market and the laws of Alberta to run their business successfully.

The Alberta Landlords Association said that only four years ago the Alberta economy was struggling and rents were falling and the vacancy rate was rising. Many landlords were put in financially difficult situations and the government didn’t help.

Furthermore, prices for landlords are rising and rents need to be kept up to maintain rental good rentals properties.

As for ‘gouging’ if landlords raise rents too high they simply won’t be able to attract good tenants. And it’s of ultimate important for landlords to rent to good tenants in Alberta these days.

Canadian Landlords Support Alberta Landlords

A BC landlord offered her support by saying if landlords don’t maintain our properties cities are quick to send out bylaw enforcement officers to order us to do so. This means we need to raise rents to cover our expenses.

An Ontario landlord wrote in that maybe the Mayor secretly supports rent control.

One Edmonton landlord said he doubts the Mayor owns a rental of his own as he says, and if he does his high government salary makes him immune from the costs of having a vacancy or a tenant making damages to the property.

Alberta Landlords and Rents

What do you think about raising prices and the Mayor’s comments on landlords? Politicians scape-goating small landlords is becoming common these days and it’s important landlords have a voice to fight back and raise their own arguments.

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    Sure there are lousy landlords. Lots of them. I particularly have negative reserves of sympathy for predatory or blatantly negligent landlords  who don t care about the well being of their tenants or who ignore their professional and legal Continue reading